Who I Am

Communications is just fun. My background is in Psychology and from there I discovered marketing. Marketing is really the Psychology of  selling stuff. Once you learn who your customer is you can find out what makes them buy and what makes them buy what you are selling.

I love Social Media. Social Media is a platform where you can really connect with your consumers. The goal is not just to get your message out but to engage with your customer. It is changing so rapidly that if you are not spending time every day to learn what those changes are then you are out of the loop! I like to be in the loop.

I also love to do research. To me it is like finding free stuff on the side of the road. There is information out there that can help you in your business and the trick is to find it and use it effectively. A good strategy will start with market research. Who are your customers, what makes them buy and what are your competitors up to?

I also love to write. I especially love to write blogs because they are more of a conversation than a report. They invite feedback and engage people in a discussion.  I have written briefing notes and press releases for government officials,  copy for websites using keywords to keep the site optimized for search engines and I have written correspondence for businesses. I properly placed comma or just the right word can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your message.

Your key message is essential to your communications strategy . It can take several hours of research and brainstorming to determine just what your key message is. It should represent who you are and what you do and inspire action. Once yo have found your key message stick to it in all platforms. Consistency will get your message across. A good writer will help you find your message and ensure that you are consistent in all platforms.


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