Linkedin: Is There a Reason To Be There?

February 25, 2011 at 9:05 am | Posted in Linkedin | Leave a comment

Does it feel like just another social media platform? Are you having trouble seeing the point? Ya, me too.

I have to admit, I’m there but I’m not active. Sometimes just being there is the reason to be there. If you are not there people will wonder why or they will just forget about you.

If I am looking for a person with certain skills I might look for them through Linkedin. If I can’t find them, I might post a message to all my connections telling them what I am looking for. If you need a person with certain skills for a job, this is a great way to find them. If they come to you through one of your connections, then you know who to call for a reference. It’s a great way to be sure you are getting a quality person.

I notice that some people use Linkedin like Facebook. They post something every day. I also noticed it is the same thing they posted on Facebook. They seem unclear on the concept. Have a look at your connections. Are you also Facebook friends with most of them? Then quit repeating yourself. It makes you look dumb. If the connections are different then by all means say something interesting. Make it relevant to what you do. No one cares what you did last night. This is a professional site so please remember that your personal life holds no interest to the rest of us. Please also remember, I’m not reading it anyway. I just don’t care.

I admit I have a bad attitude toward Linkedin. I am there because I should be but it’s not a place I spend a lot of time and I never read the news feed. I get all the news I want on Facebook, Twitter and my Google Reader. I don’t want any more thanks.


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