Are You Making Facebook Mistakes?

February 21, 2011 at 10:32 am | Posted in Facebook | Leave a comment

A lot of businesses and non-profits think they need to be on Facebook but, once they have created their page they don’t know if they are doing it right. There are three ways to know if you are using Facebook as an effective tool or making mistakes that will cost you.

First, does anyone ever comment on your posts? The number of comments you receive is an easy way to tell if your community is engaged. The whole point to Facebook is engagement. It is not a soap box to shout out your message, it is a way to find out what people think of your message. Have a look through your last ten posts. Any comments? They can be good bad or indifferent but just having a comment tells you that someone read your post. If you have no comments, you may be making mistakes in your assumptions about what people are interested in.

Second, if you have comments, do you respond? Even if someone slams you, leave their comment up and come up with an appropriate response as fast as you can. Take the criticism and show them the light. Did they misunderstand, can you do better… tell them something positive. Turn it around to your benefit and you will be a rock star.

The third indicator of  how you are doing on Facebook is your fans. Is the list growing? It is hard to get it kick started initially but it should be a growing number. There is always some fluctuation but if you see a significant drop have a look at what your last posts were. You pissed someone off so have a look at your messages and see how you can do better. Annoying your fans is definitely a mistake.

The final way to know how you are doing is tricky. You may actually never know the answer to this one (well… until the Facebook geeks hear my pleas).  How many people are blocking you? If you are annoying people will block you from their news feed. Do you have an friends who play Farmville? Have you blocked anything related to Farmville from showing up in your newsfeed? I hear you…most of us have blocked all of those goofy games. Well, if you are as annoying as Farmville people will block you too. I became a fan of one group that posted something every hour. Waaaay too much information for me. I still like them but I blocked them from my feed because they were clogging it up with crap. I don’t have time for that. So, make sure you are not posting more than 3 or 4 times a week and make sure it really is news. Not random crap. Your random crap is going to get you  blocked and then no one will see your good messages.


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