Are You Keeping Up With Facebook?

February 2, 2011 at 2:06 pm | Posted in Facebook | Leave a comment

Are you keeping up with all the social media changes? It seems like every day there is something new happening on Facebook.  Are you keeping up? Are you using any of the new apps? Or are you overwhelmed by the whole thing?

Here is a bit of the hottest news on Facebook in the last week or so….

Last week I noticed a lot of people were getting excited about Instant Personalization. We are always worried about our privacy being violated when we are using social sharing sites and this new feature seems to have pushed some buttons with people. This is a feature that was actually released last April. Instant Personalization is merely a way for your personal information (age, gender, name etc) to be utilized by partner sites to give you a more personal experience. When you visit one of those sites, you will be notified and you will be given an option not to have a personal experience on the site. No problemo. Your data can not be used for any other purpose or shared with any other site.

One of the fastest growing apps is Badoo. Essentially it is a dating app. It is an app to find single people in your area. So spruce up your profile photo! Facebook is one of the fastest growing sites to meet new people! Is this an app you would try?

Over three million people now use the app Causes. This app allows  individuals to mobilize their network of friends to grow lasting social and political movements. You can start your own cause and inspire your friends to action or you can join an existing cause. It is another great way to get the word out on issues that you are passionate about.

Are you familiar with EdgeRank? If you ‘like’ a number of fan pages you will find that your news feed has quickly filled up with posts from all the pages you like and you are missing some of the posts from your actual friends. EdgeRank helps you manage your news feed so you can see what is important to you. EdgeRank Checker is a new tool for those people who manage fan pages so you can measure your level of fan engagement on any given day or even over a large span of time. Have a look at this blog post by Mari Smith to see how to use it.

This is just Facebook news. There is a lot happening on all the social media sites every day. And there are new social media site popping up all the time. I will try to keep on top of them and report on the highlights.


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