New Facebook App Makes Browsing Photos Easier

January 11, 2011 at 9:58 am | Posted in Facebook | Leave a comment
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A company called Pixable is launching a new Facebook app that will change the way the social network’s members browse photos online.

The free app allows users to see all of their friend’s photos without jumping from profile to profile, browse photos by categories such as “most popular,” and get updates when specific friends add or are tagged in new photos.

As apps for sharing photos multiply and photographers upload their snapshots in record numbers, the move to create an organized way to rank and share photos could be a smart one. Have a look at how many friends you have and how many photos there are in total. You might not want to see all of your friends photos but do you wonder if you are missing out on some good ones? Being able to organize them all to view the ones you want to see can help you to stay more connected. Making your Facebook connections a little less shallow and a little more meaningful is part of what this app is all about.

Pixable says it’s attempting to fill the same niche in the online photo world that Google and Yahoo filled on the web when the number of web pages started to become overwhelming.

Two or three years ago there weren’t that many photos online, but now all of those photos are being uploaded. You have a way to access them through your social graph, but it is impossible to keep track of all of them.

Plans for customizable categories would also make browsing friends’ photos of “weddings” or “men under age 25″ possible. At which point, we think, there’s potential for it to become a really important resource in any photo lover’s arsenal.

So tell me, is this something you would use?


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